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  • Offering Rebuilds, Upgrades, Modification and Servicing for Counterpoint-brand Equipment — Since 1998

We regret to inform you that due to health reasons, Alta Vista Audio and Aria Audio are now out of business. It has been an honor to have brought so much good music into so many homes since 1980, when Counterpoint was formed, through its dissolution in 1997, and with Alta Vista and Aria since then.

Parts and servicing are no longer available except for the following: Owner's Manuals; Service Manuals; technical documentation for the NP upgrades for SA-12, SA-100, SA-20, and SA-220; technical documentation for Aria Audio WV and WT models; Plitron replacement transformers; and "C8" type rectifier tubes.

FOR SERVICING, the following people have offered their expertise:

In New York state, try Mike Finck of Hionfi, 3649 Erie Blvd East, Shoppingtown Mall Dewitt,NY 13214 Phone 315-396-5311 and

In New Jersey (United States), try Peter Rippa at In the New Jersey area of the United States, try Peter Rippa at

In the San Francisco bay area (USA), try Johnson Wu at johnson@snoopy.ORG - Please note that Johnson limits his engagement to owners of Counterpoint gear in the West Coast preferably SF Bay Area ONLY due to risks in shipping, and because he wants you to hear the repaired product yourself.

In Canada, please contact Keith Trumbla, The Audio / Video Tweak Junkie, 1565 Alexander Ave., Winnipeg,

None of these people offer upgrade service.

OWNER'S AND SERVICE MANUALS FOR COUNTERPOINT products are available in digital (pdf) format. Paper manuals are available for only some models. These manuals are for unmodified models. It is possible that information about the Alta Vista Audio upgrades will be made available in the future, it is best that you check back by sending an email to Catherine Weber at

To obtain a PDF Owner's or Service Manual for a stock Counterpoint product, send $50 (for Owner's Manual) or $80 (for Service Manual) to via PayPal.

To obtain a paper Owner's or Service Manual for a Counterpoint product, first write Catherine Weber at to see if the manual you want is in stock. The cost for paper manuals is $90 (for Owner's Manual) or $120 (for Service Manual).

Payment is by Paypal only.

When ordering manuals, please specify:

The model number of the Counterpoint product.
Its serial number (usually on the rear of the product).
The type of manual: Owners or Service.
Format: pdf or paper.
Your name.
Your postal address.

Orders will not be accepted without this information.

FOR TECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION FOR THE NP upgrades for SA-12, SA-100, SA-20, and SA-220 is available at this time only in pdf format.

To obtain the PDF documentation for one of these models, send $50 to via PayPal.

When ordering NP tech docs, please specify:

The model number of the Counterpoint product.
Its serial number (usually on the rear of the product).
Your postal address.

OWNERS OF ARIA AUDIO WT power amps or WV preamps can obtain full schematics and board layouts in pdf format for no charge by sending an email to

Please specify:

The model number of the Aria Audio product.
Its serial number (found on the rear of the product).
Your name.
Your postal address.

Orders will not be accepted without this information.

FOR REPLACEMENT/UPGRADE TRANSFORMERS, Plitron has agreed to do direct sales to our former customers. The list of available designs is at

To obtain one of the listed parts, send an email to Ms. Anna Perrucio at and she will advise pricing and availablity. They provide the transformer and the wiring diagram only. They are not available for technical support for individual orders.

Original transformer wiring diagrams for Counterpoint are available in pdf format only. This information contains primary wirings for different Mains voltages, and should be used as a reference when replacing an old, stock, transformer with a Plitron transformer as the wire color codes have changed.

To obtain a PDF of the stock transformer wiring, send $15 via Paypal to and specify the model number of the Counterpoint product.

FOR "C8" TYPE RECTIFIER TUBES send $135 to via PayPal.please see the information about the "C8" tubes at

Please specify:

Your name.
Your postal address All "C8" rectifier tubes ship by postal only.

Thank you for the many years of appreciation.



"Finally - a preamp worthy enough to be the sucessor to the Counterpoint SA-11 and SA-9!"
The new Aria WV, now shipping.

Audio engineering is an art relatively unaffected by modern technology, and its expression will be found exclusively in those areas where present-day electrical recording technology is at its weakest. The great components are the ones that give that refined sense of musical authenticity which cannot be measured with test equipment. This requires the skill and patience of experienced designers, and such products are treasured far above those that merely achieve good technical performance.


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